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Reggie | Solo Dog Walking | Dog Walker Wigan

Solo Dog Walking

My walks are tailored to your dog's needs. I only ever walk solo dogs, or up to 2 dogs at the same time from the same household. I walk from your home, so your dog is in familiar surroundings and doesn't have to experience stressful car or van journeys. Your dog will receive 100% 1-1 attention, ensuring safety is priority. I can focus on the walk, at your dog's own pace, allowing for basic training, general exercise, stimulation or just a leisurely stroll. What ever your dog wants! Poo bags, treats, kisses and cuddles come included!

Molly | Home Visits | Dog Sitter Wigan

Home Visits

You can choose a 15-minute toilet break visit, or a longer 30-minute visit, depending on your dog's needs. Home Visits are ideal if you're at work or away from home longer than normal to allow for a toilet break, feeding, administer medications, puppy care, a walk or just company! Water will be refreshed and any accidents will be cleaned up.

Missie | Dog Sitting | Dog Sitter Wigan

Dog Sitting

Dog Sitting is available evenings and weekends in your own home where your dog is most familiar and comfortable. Keeping to your dog's usual routine for minimum disruption. Walks are also included if you wish, dependent on day light hours. Ideal if you're at a family event for most of the day, or just want to get away for the evening. 

Missie | Dog Sitting | Dog Sitter Wigan

Overnight Care

Overnight Care is provided in your own home, where your dog is most familiar and comfortable. I will be with your dog overnight, for at least 12 hours, although times can be negotiable. Included in this service is a lunchtime 30-minute visit to allow for a toilet break or a short walk. Additional visits can be added on at a reduced rate. You don't need to have a spare room for me to sleep in as I can bring along my portable bed and bedding. 

Harry | Dog Sitting | Dog Sitter Wigan

Live-In Sitting

I provide care in your home whilst you are away, meaning you don't have to go through the stressful task of finding the right home boarding environment or kennels. Your dog stays at home, in their own familiar surroundings making it virtually stress-free for all. Plus, you have the added benefit of your home being cared for too. You don't need to have a spare bedroom for me, as I can bring along my own portable bed and bedding. Housework tasks, bins, etc will also be taken care of. 

How Does It Work...


Registering is easy, it's all done online and it's FREE. My registration forms are very thorough so that I have as much information as possible about your dog - be 100% honest with me, I don't judge and it's best to know everything upfront than to find things out later on and it cause issues or be detrimental to your dog, or me. 

Once I have received your registration, please allow me at least 48 hours to review it. If I am able to accept your registration, I will be in touch to arrange a Meet & Greet Session. 

If I am unable to accept your registration, I will explain why. There may be many reasons I am unable to accept your registration and often it is simply because not enough information has been provided or some sections have not been completed. 

I will not be able to accept your registration if your dog is aggressive in any way, has been used as a fighting dog or has been trained to protect, such as a police dog.

Meet & Greet Session

A Meet & Greet Session is required before any services commence - this is our chance to meet, for your dog's to meet me, ensure we are a good fit for each other and for us to ask any questions we both may have and to clarify any details.

If you have chosen the Solo Dog Walking service, we will go for a short walk for me to observe you and your dog walking together; watching behaviours and key words you use and generally how your dog is in their environment - this helps me to determine if I can walk your dog, plus, it gives me guidance as to what your dog expects on their walk.

If a key is needed for the service, it will be collected during this session. It's very informal, and usually ends up with me sat on the floor whilst your dog hounds me for treats!

The initial Meet & Greet meeting is free and usually lasts around 20-30 minutes. If you require additional Meet & Greet sessions, these will be charged per 30 minutes. 

Booking Process

Once we have agreed any dates, whether that be a permanent slot, ad-hoc dates, or a booking for sitting, overnight care or live-in sitting, I will provisionally add the booking to my diary and raise an invoice which will be emailed to you (check your spam as usually first invoices end up there!). 
My invoice days are Monday's & Friday's. 
If you have a permanent slot booked, this will be invoiced for the month, usually the last Friday of the month for the month ahead. Ad-hoc bookings will be invoiced as and when. 
Full payment is required upfront, unless booking in advance when a 25% booking fee is required to secure your dates with the balance due 6 weeks before. 

Time Slots

For Solo Dog Walking and Home Visits, you may choose an AM or a PM slot.

I will arrive to collect your dog at some point during this time period - Specific time's can't be allocated due to the nature of the service. If your walk/visit includes medication at specific times, this will be prioritised but can't be guaranteed due to events out of my control. 

Over the course of the year, the business has evolved where I have needed to re-asses the schedule to enable me to service clients and use the time more efficiently.


Our Prices...

Solo Dog Walking

Up to 30 minutes               £10
Up to 60 minutes               £15

Home Visits

Up to 15 Minutes                  £7
Up to 30 Minutes                 £10

Dog Sitting (minimum 2 hour charge)

First 2 Hours                           £25
Each consecutive hour     £10

Over Night & Live-In Sitting

Over Night (up to 12 hours)   £25 per night
Live-In (Up To 24 hours)         £40 per night

Weekend Surcharge
Saturday +£3
Sunday   +£5

Please Note, the prices shown are for services to be carried out within a 3 mile radius from our home (WN7 5). A £1.50 surcharge will be added per 1 mile radius outside of our catchment area. Bank Holidays will be priced at Sunday rate.

Terms & Conditions

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When We're Available...

Solo Dog Walks & Home Visits

Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

Dog Sitting

7 Days a week, Evenings & Weekends Only

Overnight Care & Live-In Sitting

 7 Days a week

When We're Not Available...

Bank Holidays (Except for overnight care & Live-In Sitting)
December 24th, 25th, 26th, 31st
Jan 1st


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