About Me...

I started my career in retail and remained in that industry for over 20 years until I left it for good in 2016 after spending the last few years in pet retail. It was this role that ignited my passion for all things dog - I loved the customer facing role, but being sat on the floor with the dogs was what I wanted to do all day! 

In the summer of 2017, I started my new role as a dog chauffeur; ferrying dogs to and from their holiday home whilst their owners were away. Later that same year I bought into a dog care franchise business which allowed me the opportunity to have a customer facing role and sit on the floor with dogs! Perfect!

Due to the impact of COVID-19, I had to let go of my franchise business, but it saw the birth of Connie's Canine Care and a broader range of dog care services.

I live in Leigh with my husband Lee and our 2 daughters, Chloe & Megan.

Milo came to live with us in 2015, a sorry state who didn't know his name, he didn't have any manners, he had serious trust issues and had clearly had to fight for what he needed. Now, he is the most loving, loyal, well mannered little boy.

In 2012, we adopted Mollie from Dog's Trust Huyton, she was 9 months old. Sadly, in January 2019, Mollie suddenly became blind, she had what is known as SARDS. After this, her health deteriorated and we had to prepare ourselves for losing our darling Mollie at any point. 
Mollie fought on until April 8th 2021. I know my mum was waiting for her with Grandma's Biscuits. 

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What's In A Name...

Connie is my mum, who very sadly passed away in May 2019 with lung cancer, which was only diagnosed 6 days before she passed. My mum was my biggest inspiration & cheerleader, She was the strongest, bravest person who, at just 4'11" (she was very proud of her height!), was a force to be reckoned with. My mum loved dogs and would always treat Mollie and Milo as grandchildren (rightly so), whenever they visited, they were given "Grandma's Biscuits".

I had to pay homage to my mum when choosing a name. 

Always learning...

To better understand dogs; their needs, behaviour, emotions, well being & health and to provide the best care and dog care service, I am always wanting to learn and expand my knowledge base and skillset.

What I have completed...

  • Canine Nutrition
  • Canine First Aid
  • Dog Walking & Sitting Diploma

What I am Currently Working On...

  • Understanding Canine Anxiety Diploma

What's Next...

  • Canine Behaviour Training
  • Animal Welfare Diploma
  • Pet Bereavement Councillor
  • Dog Training Diploma
  • Canine Communication Diploma 

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